Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Crowd

Thank you to all the fans that came out and supported the show! Thank you for being respectful to the culture and the establishment. I am proud to say that no one at the show got rowdy or stupid. Everyone just respected each other and we had a very friendly show. I hate art shows when people think they are better than the people attending. That's stupid. You can come up to any of the artists and talk to them as a peer and not some holy celebrity.

The photos are courtesy of Landon Wise Photography and LemaraLP  Thank you so much to those 2 for covering the entire event. We are in the process of making a book from the show and here are some of the shots, but the best ones are gonna be in this book. Hopefully get done in a month or so. For now enjoy these fliks and thanks again for making it such a great night and definitely a show to remember. Philly holding the sticker scene down like no other.

Check out Lemara's post about the show here and here. Read Lemara's whole experience through this. She definitely captures a great outside perspective and she was there seeing us work before hand. Show her some love and visit the site. I cant believe she's gonna go back to London in a few months, she will be missed.

Here are a few shots from the fans that came that night.

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  1. Thanks for the mention and showcase of my work! The feeling is mutual I'm going to miss the whole Rarebreed FWB family when I go....
    More adventures to come and things to capture before then though :D